Bar Cleeta | Bentonville, AR


Earlier this year, we had the honor of working with owners Trae and Weisi Basore as they geared up to open their new metropolitan style restaurant in Bentonville, AR – Bar Cleeta. Their restaurant is genuinely beautiful, with warm wood tones and organic touches that give their space a unique and lively vibe. Bar Cleeta invites you in for a dining experience of a lifetime!


What sets Bar Cleeta apart from other eateries in the area is their hyper-seasonality of ingredients and the converging styles that Chef Trae brings to the table with a mix of metropolitan-style and classic French influence mixed with his southern roots.


Because Bar Cleeta’s menu is designed for sharing, mixing, and matching, we set out to design a space that accommodated groups of various sizes and invites their guests to craft their own dinner experience. Bar Cleeta also encourages folks to brave new wine varieties, and a custom wine station creates the perfect statement piece right as you walk inside the door.


"Anyone who walks into Onyx Bentonville (and now Onyx Rogers) will be shocked by how striking the woodwork is. We knew we wanted to work with a great deal of wood in our decor, as well as source custom wood tables. After doing research on American Estates' work in restaurants & retail, we were sold. They listened to our needs and really heard us." -Weisi Basore


It was a absolute joy to work with Trae and Weisi, and we're grateful to have been a part of such a unique space in Northwest Arkansas. This buildout was such a privilege for us to work on, and we couldn't be happier!


Bar Cleeta | Bentonville, AR

Niki Weegens